our top priority

The health and Safety of each and every employee is of primary importance to ROCK. We are committed to a strong an efficient Health and Safety Program that will minimize the risk of incidents/accidents to employees, property, environment and the general public. Safety is a condition of employment. Safety ranks evenly with productivity, quality workmanship and profit. All personal, management, supervisors, workers, general public and sub-contractors are accountable for safety. Complete and active participation by everyone on a daily basis is crucial to a successful Health and Safety Program. All work shall be performed in a manner that provides.

  • Safety for yourself;
  • Safety of other workers;
  • Protection of the environment;
  • Protection of general public; and
  • Protection of ROCK property and equipment.

Management supports the participation of all employees in the Health and Safety Program and is responsible for providing the proper equipment training and documentation. It is the responsibility of ROCK employees to refuse to perform UNSAFE work, to follow all safety policies , safe job procedures and safe work practices, to work with an awareness towards safety, and whenever possible to help improve safety measures. An incident free workplace is our foremost goal. At ROCK we believe people are our most important asset – their safety is our greatest responsibility.

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